Monday, January 25, 2010


I always love seeing table that are jammed packed with items, especially books that are overflowing onto the floor like the Nathan Turner table above.

Image from Desire to Inspire. (When I went to Nathan Turner's site I was unable to get in as the download to the Interiors lasted forever.)

This tabletop by Kelly Wearstler is loaded with sculpture, vases and all kinds of intreaging objects via Habitually Chic.

This must be one large sofa to have such a large table and two chairs behind it. Helen Norman

Glass, stone, wood, rope, moss, the plants, the sunlight, the perspective of the shot; this photo has it all.

This may be a stretch on the table top with the inclusion of the bookcase, but the photo is so great it has to be included in the group. The samples of rope and string do go from the desk up into the bookcase. The flat rocks can be found on the wooden tray, on a book and then in a glass jar. The shades of blue on the bookbindings as well as the tan are a beautiful color combination.

The above two images are from the portfolio of  Steven Gambrel.

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