Saturday, January 30, 2010

Reflections from the Saints

"You ask me a method of attaining perfection. I know of love, and only love. Love can do all things."

– St. Therese of Lisieux

Reflections from the Saints

"May our lives may show forth the virtue of self denial and thereby attain the eternal salvation of our souls."

– St. Briarch

Gopher Holes at Mitchell Park in Palo Alto

I know Oliver is just a month old, but he needs to be taken to the Gopher Holes and photographed for me. This is just too cool.

From May 2007 Dwell.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Red Berries

This is from our day trip to North Carolina last October. So now this photo can be deleted from iphoto as it is on the blog now. No sense in keeping it in two places.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rust in the Garden

This Cor-Ten steel fence was designed by landscape architect and artist Mikyoung Kim for Bob Davoli and Eileen McDonagh. “The entire fence is made using just seven lengths of modular, precut Cor-Ten steel bars, with widths being anywhere from two to five bars thick. Depending on the angle from which you see it, the fence can appear transparent or opaque.”

Article from Dwell with photos by Charles Mayer.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

'Nurturing Walls: Animal Art by Meena Women'

Images from the book 'Nurturing Walls: Animal Art by Meena Women' published by Tara Books. The Meena are a caste and community found mainly in Rajasthan, India. The majority of the themes are plants, animals and birds with a combination of squares, circles, triangles, dots and dashes...

This rust has to be my favorite color. My friend Carol's favorite color is pink and mine is the color of rusted metal. There is modulation in the color when enlarged, but it is still sublime.

From BibliOdyssey.

Monday, January 25, 2010


I always love seeing table that are jammed packed with items, especially books that are overflowing onto the floor like the Nathan Turner table above.

Image from Desire to Inspire. (When I went to Nathan Turner's site I was unable to get in as the download to the Interiors lasted forever.)

This tabletop by Kelly Wearstler is loaded with sculpture, vases and all kinds of intreaging objects via Habitually Chic.

This must be one large sofa to have such a large table and two chairs behind it. Helen Norman

Glass, stone, wood, rope, moss, the plants, the sunlight, the perspective of the shot; this photo has it all.

This may be a stretch on the table top with the inclusion of the bookcase, but the photo is so great it has to be included in the group. The samples of rope and string do go from the desk up into the bookcase. The flat rocks can be found on the wooden tray, on a book and then in a glass jar. The shades of blue on the bookbindings as well as the tan are a beautiful color combination.

The above two images are from the portfolio of  Steven Gambrel.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pigsty Project

FNP Architects converted a pig barn from 1768 into a goldsmith's showroom. A timber structure was built to match the pigsty then hoisted directly into the old stone walls but without touching them. A roof was added on top of the inner structure which also covers the old structure.

Nice touch with the outside moving into the space between the old and the new.

From an article in June 2008 Dwell.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Fruit and Flowers

What an assortment of containers; glass, ceramics, plastic and styrafoam cups! None of these distract from the beauty of the flowers. I particularly like the glass bottle on the right that seems to have flowers floating in water. The string in the corner doesn't hurt. The fruit adds the feel of a Dutch still life.

Photo by Anson Smart via Emmas Designblog.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

J. Morgan Puett

Thanks to Ange Laliguori at Edizioni I have rediscovered J. Morgan Puett, a clothing designer and artist from Hahira, Georgia. I first became acquainted with the work of Ms. Puett from an article in the New York Times on the Mildred's Lane Project.

Above five images from the Wooster Street Store, New York, 1993.

Dirt from Georgia.

Above four images from the Wooster Street Store, New York, 1993.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Artist Installation: Come Darkness

"Come Darkness" is a homage to Winter light and the changing of the seasons. There is a wonderful flow from one piece to the next; the colors, the light and dark.

An instillation of art curated and installed by Maria Alexander Vettese at Chelliswilson. Chelliswilson is a clothing and art boutique in Portland, MA. Go to the Chelliswilson site to see the instillation large and without borders that are on my blog.

Below are larger views of some of the pieces.

Linen Patchwork by Fog Linen Work / Yumiko Sekine

Jasmine On White Tricycle by Natalie Abadzis
mixed media piece (watercolor, ink pen, gakusyo Japanese calligraphy ink, signed)

Habitat No 2 by Friederike Hamann
watercolor painting

Orchid Leaves II by Stephen Eichhorn
collage (hand-cut, 5-3/4 x 8-1/2 inches, archival paper, signed)

Trail Two (squares) by Caitlin Mociun
silk on linen thread

Untitled One by Friederike Hamann
woven paper (watercolor)

Linen Patchwork by Fog Linen Work / Yumiko Sekine
sewn flats

Anne, what is it about these two pieces that attract me so?

Falling Darkness by Hanna Konola
woodcut print (9 x 8-1/2 inches, signed)

Prayer Flags by Caitlin Mociun
cotton, silk, linen on merino wool thread

Migration Two by Moontree Letterpress
letterpress print (two inks, 6 x 4 inches)

Nature by Natalie Tweedie
giclee print (10 x 11 inches)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

H&M Interiors

Black, white and khaki have always been one of my favorite color schemes and these photos are no exceptions. The touches of green bring a freshness to these images. The idea of lots of little vases with green leaves is an easy idea to recreate. I particularly like the khaki pillow with the writing.

The herbs hanging are certainly freshly picked, dried ones would not work in this photo. It also looks like an old garbage can with a plant growing in it on the right. The large grommets in the potholders and dish towels are unexpected, but nice.  It doesn't hurt that these products are shot in a room with great windows overlooking green fields and trees.

I need to wear black pants, a white blouse and my khaki jacket in honor of this color scheme this week!

Images from H&M via Designers Block.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Australian Beach House

The flowers are the stars here: what arrangements, what colors, what species are these, what vases!!!

A double spread from the article. It is repeated below in two images as there is much to study here.

Anne, I particularly like the stick at the top and bottom of the piece of Aboriginal art. That might be an idea to use in the wall hangs that you are going to be making. The vase and flowers are outstanding as is the curve of the chair on the right.

Stacks of magazines!!! Surely there are many in these stacks that I have not seen before. Oh, the hours that I could entertain myself reading!!! Four rows of artwork above and four rows of reading below.

photos from Vogue Living Australia.