Tuesday, January 19, 2010

H&M Interiors

Black, white and khaki have always been one of my favorite color schemes and these photos are no exceptions. The touches of green bring a freshness to these images. The idea of lots of little vases with green leaves is an easy idea to recreate. I particularly like the khaki pillow with the writing.

The herbs hanging are certainly freshly picked, dried ones would not work in this photo. It also looks like an old garbage can with a plant growing in it on the right. The large grommets in the potholders and dish towels are unexpected, but nice.  It doesn't hurt that these products are shot in a room with great windows overlooking green fields and trees.

I need to wear black pants, a white blouse and my khaki jacket in honor of this color scheme this week!

Images from H&M via Designers Block.

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