Monday, January 18, 2010

Australian Beach House

The flowers are the stars here: what arrangements, what colors, what species are these, what vases!!!

A double spread from the article. It is repeated below in two images as there is much to study here.

Anne, I particularly like the stick at the top and bottom of the piece of Aboriginal art. That might be an idea to use in the wall hangs that you are going to be making. The vase and flowers are outstanding as is the curve of the chair on the right.

Stacks of magazines!!! Surely there are many in these stacks that I have not seen before. Oh, the hours that I could entertain myself reading!!! Four rows of artwork above and four rows of reading below.

photos from Vogue Living Australia.


4heartsnhands said...

It looks like a type of bark that the art is done on...stiff; so the stick work well. People laughed when i had to move my stick collection! or at least some of it.

Mississippi Made said...

I didn't know you had a stick collection. How about a photo or two for your blog? When the rain stops here I will have to photo a tree limb I dragged home.