Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Artist Installation: Come Darkness

"Come Darkness" is a homage to Winter light and the changing of the seasons. There is a wonderful flow from one piece to the next; the colors, the light and dark.

An instillation of art curated and installed by Maria Alexander Vettese at Chelliswilson. Chelliswilson is a clothing and art boutique in Portland, MA. Go to the Chelliswilson site to see the instillation large and without borders that are on my blog.

Below are larger views of some of the pieces.

Linen Patchwork by Fog Linen Work / Yumiko Sekine

Jasmine On White Tricycle by Natalie Abadzis
mixed media piece (watercolor, ink pen, gakusyo Japanese calligraphy ink, signed)

Habitat No 2 by Friederike Hamann
watercolor painting

Orchid Leaves II by Stephen Eichhorn
collage (hand-cut, 5-3/4 x 8-1/2 inches, archival paper, signed)

Trail Two (squares) by Caitlin Mociun
silk on linen thread

Untitled One by Friederike Hamann
woven paper (watercolor)

Linen Patchwork by Fog Linen Work / Yumiko Sekine
sewn flats

Anne, what is it about these two pieces that attract me so?

Falling Darkness by Hanna Konola
woodcut print (9 x 8-1/2 inches, signed)

Prayer Flags by Caitlin Mociun
cotton, silk, linen on merino wool thread

Migration Two by Moontree Letterpress
letterpress print (two inks, 6 x 4 inches)

Nature by Natalie Tweedie
giclee print (10 x 11 inches)


Anonymous said...

The attraction? I expect you are talking about the linen: the colors and variations, the textures, the tape that ties up one piece. The colors are probably the natural state of the linen, colors varying with where and how the flax was grown, and the weaving affects the color too. Or maybe the colors remind me of the different colors we could get with walnut and sumac. Before i read your question to me, i was already lost in the linen! and wanting to make something in the 18th century vein. What a beautiful find! Thank you

Mississippi Made said...

You are right on all accounts.