Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Donald Evans Stamps

I am not sure if I first discovered Donald Evans' work on some postcards I purchased or in Quest Magazine which is now defunct. Years and years later when there was a announcement for a show of his work in New York. That led to finding out about his book which was a delight to be able to see other examples of his work and to read his story. I have never sent the postcards as I wanted to keep them for myself.

So on New Years I pulled his book off the shelf and reacquainted my self with his stamps. Donald not only painted the stamps, but created the countries for the stamps. The countries had their own history, currency, exports. The cancellation stamps are carved from rubber erasers. More about his short life can be found Wikipedia.

Above two images Artnet

Above three images from Stephen Springer Davis.

Above two images from 2blowhards.

Donald had been a stamp collector since age 6. By the age of 10 he started designing his own stamps for imaginary countries. Years later when he went back to his art he continued where he left off as a child. His knowledge of stamp collecting enabled him to create philatelic correct stamps.

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