Thursday, January 14, 2010

Garlands and Clotheslines

This photo has it all: botanicals, postcards with the stamp side showing, black and white color scheme with touches of color, a business card, antlers, and a cut out photo that is mounted from Lobster and Swain.

A garland after my own heart, twigs and leaves, by Leslie, a reader of Desire to Inspire.

When seeing an inspiration board I  always want to inspect every little piece. The garland or clothesline in this case is covered with fabric swatches and paint or paper covered clothes pins. It is always nice to see dimensional items added to the flat.

via Lobster and Swain

I like how some of the images are connected with ribbon, others with safety pins and then one with chain  with religious medals attached.

from Tiny bear

It may be a stretch to call this a garland, just think of it as one that goes vertical rather than horizontal. Now is the time to start on one for fall or Christmas 2010.

Slim Paley via Habitually Chic

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