Monday, June 14, 2010

Walls of Pictures, Frames and Things


books and magazines in the photo



close placement of the frames

use of negative space

images within the frames

sepia tone

drawings and paintings and demential objects

the giant tea cup with plants

above three images from Emmas Design Blogg

dark wall with smalls hanging

antlers to the left with wrappings

stack of books next to the bed

tree branch

spacing between items

the small shelf at the back of the desk

stack of magazines under the desk

the legs of the desk; tall and slim with a touch of metal

above two photos from an article on design sponge about nikole herriott and the company herriott grace

This isn't so much a wall as a shelf, but I like the combination of items.

image from Skona Hem

pages mounted on the wall

empty frame to the right with something hanging inside the space

Sibella aways nails it

you can't go wrong with hats in my world

the above two the work of Sibella Court 

Don't know if this is a shop or a home, but great hanger with the fabric, a large botanical illustration, a hanging shelf that looks like it it full of turtle shells and then the colors of white, kakhi, brown, gray all make this image a winner.

beautiful photo

everything looks perfect

the platter above the sink

the wall lamps with those shades...

metal buckets with flowers

it's a mud room so that make this a keeper

great idea using the wallpaper from the right hand wall as the background for two of the images

unexpected to see contact sheets mounted

the mirror

photos and drawings

the chair

the bird feather mounted on the wall

(we found a large hawk feather on the street two days ago when we started walking the dogs, not it will be mounted on the wall rather than put in a container)

above five images Seen and Said tumblr


Geisslein said...

great inspirations! makes me want to redecorate my house... ;o)

Mississippi Made said...

Having the inspiration is one thing, putting it into action is another. We did hang a new image tonight.