Saturday, June 12, 2010

Paper Sculptures by Stephen Doyle

"The Professors House"

"The first paper sculpture I did, around 2001, was The Professor’s House, by Willa Cather, where I took out each page and cut out every line, and glued each line to the next one and made a sculpture that is cubic — except I was using lines of text instead of pieces of wood or metal or whatever." S.D.

I first came upon the paper sculptures of Stephen Doyle in an article about him in Graphis. Stephen is married to Gail Towey who is the chief creating officer for Martha Stewart.

"The Trouble with Geninuses"

This piece reminds me of "Stairs" by Ren Jansma with folding the paper for steps.

From Sight Unseen.


Three Owls said...

that is brilliant... love that he used Willa Cather's book.

Mississippi Made said...

I re-read "The Professor's House" within the last year. I like also that he used that book. It was interesting to read how he cut the the lines out.