Monday, June 7, 2010

Suitcases for Storage and Display

suitcase used for storing mattress ticking for the lining of bags

first you have to find a suitcase that is not smelly

beautiful colors

Above two images from forrestbound

above two images Oh Sweet Woods


Three Owls said...

ok... I admit it... I have a stack of vintage suitcases, and most are empty. And yes I will continue to collect them... there are worse habits ;)

Mississippi Made said...

You don't even use them for storage? What about all your fabric for your creations?

I have a friend that collects the same marbleized boxes that I collect and hers are empty. Mine are full of bits and pieces of string, tapes, fabric, buttons, in other words stuff. Maybe you are better off with them empty than with tiny bits and pieces in them.

Maybe I should do a post on the contents of my boxes!!! ha ha ha