Friday, June 4, 2010

French Casaquin

French Casaquin or Jacket of earlier brocaded silk with sprays of flowers in corals, peach, green, ivory silks on a silvery/ivory ground woven with small repeat spot motif, the front with large square neck, front opening, the linen lining with eyelet holes to both sides, the bottom squared and with a pleated frill edged with pale pink silk, three quarter shaped sleeves, the back with wide gussets narrowing to the waist and splaying out to the skirt, edged with horizontally pleated frill, edged with pale pink silk, lined with coarse linen with an oval blue printed stamp.

This bodice was probably a skirt in a former life because the sleeves have old fold marks as if they were the pleats from a skirt. All adds to its fascinating history. The front bodice opening has been pieced so there are horizontal joins, another indication that this piece had a previous history.

I have always liked quilted peticoats. This one must be used just to show off the top. They would never be worn together.

From Meg Andrews via Mothtales.


Three Owls said...

my mouth actually started watering... this is so beyond lovely.... sigh.

Mississippi Made said...

Can you believe that fabric, the detailing in the construction. Of course, you can appreciate it on a different level from me from being a dress maker. I can sew rectangles.