Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sealing Wax

 The story of how this scrapbook was acquired is inspiring, be kind and honest to others.

 the seals, the penmanship...

 it doesn't get any better than this

 The cover of the book is only a hint of what is within.

 The Swedes and Finns added a feather to signify deliver with speed.

(This image gave me the inspiration for the simple accent heart with the feather and sealing wax.)

 on a vellum document

added type to sealed letter

sealing wax attaching an image to the wall

(How would you keep the wax from dripping down the wall?)

Wax seal scrapbook and letter with added type from Amassblog via Mothtales. Wax seal and feather from Mothtales.  All other images from Wikipedia.


Three Owls said...

so lovely, makes me want to send a letter.... and work on my penmanship ;)

Mississippi Made said...

My penmanship is beyond help, sending a letter would be much easier to do.