Monday, June 21, 2010

Darryl Carter's Townhome

This house tour is starting with the bedroom rather than the exterior. The beauty of these rooms speak for themselves.

 love his color pallet

In discussing the 18th century English secretary that has moved around the house and now resides in the master Bath Carter states “I enjoy the secretary just as much there, and it has lots of utility”.  “It’s a great holder of stuff—mail, stationery, my iPod, whatever.” He adds with a laugh, “Junk is actually everywhere in this house. It’s OCD on the surface, but there’s disorganization and clutter behind every drawer front and door.” Which may present some problems when Carter ultimately goes completely minimal. Until then, he says, “I’m a good hider.”

You have to like someone especially a designer that has such calm, clean restful rooms that they have a mess behind every drawer. He has just moved up on my list.

 more dark shutters for doors

Read the entire story on Elle Decor. You have to like someone who's dog is first up on his web site. More of Carter's work in his book The New Traditional.

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