Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Manny Rodriguez and Birds

These are some of the birds found in the portfolio of Manny Rodriguez. The background in all these is beautiful, is it wallpaper that has had additional painting? Who cares, it is rich, textural and had depth.

An interesting way to display plates, hang them from ribbon!

This reminds me of "Love and truth will meet; justice and peace will kiss. Truth will spring from the earth; justice will look down from heaven." Psalm 85:11-12

Funny bird peeking out from the flower arrangement in the center. Killer background.

Birds in the wallpaper, prints and ceramic birds on stands. Stripes in the pillows, headboard and the quilt.

There are many other beautiful images in the portfolio of Manny Rodriguez, the birds where what stood out to me when his work was first showcased on Desire to Inspire.

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