Friday, September 11, 2009

Australian Stylist Sibella Court

Type as a graphic in a home is always pleasant.

The shelf above the door with paintings is an unexpected surprise.

The background is wallpaper from Deborah Bowness from the "Wallpaper Frocks" Collection.

Some of Sibella's butterflies are from the 1880's. They would have turned to dust here in the South. We had a bug collection once that disintegrated.

In looking up Sibella on the web she has left New York to move back to Australia and has opened a shop called The Society Inc.

Different styles of barbed wire, type, a rock, a leaf taped to the wall and what looks like a tiny skull hanging from the mantel.

Combination of a lot of different textures.

The napkins do not all match, but the color theme is there so they work together, but then anything tied with string I like.

If this is her shop good for me that she is in Australia. She is a stylist extraordinaire by what she buys and how it is arranged. It will be fun looking at this picture to study all the small details. The web site has themes and the contents of this cabinet falls under indigo.

Sheila's blog is The Biography of a Bower Bird.

Images from Inside Out, Daily Imprint,

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