Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kristin Perers Photographer

This is the photo from Australian Vogue Living that made me search for more photos by Kristin Perers .

When you find such a wabi sabi wall then you have to have a copy of it for your files.

So then you have to go back and get the indoors clothes line with the beautiful colored fabrics, stone walls and tree branch.

Then you have to have this room.

And since monochromatic images are a favorite this one has to join the group. What beautiful styling of the ladder and the branch of flowers.

There were so many beautiful images in the interior section what treasures might be in the fashion? Did the location dictate the color scheme of the clothes? All the possibilities of the wood...

The brick color makes the outfit. All the stacked lumber reminds me of the wood propped against the barn at Hershel's.

Food could not be ignored since every other topic was a hit. Who would have thought to line up the seeds by color? Could these colors be another inspiration for a fall outfit?

The eggs could not be ignored since I took the seeds. Of course, the cardboard in the background is my favorite.

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