Thursday, September 17, 2009

Icons by Tashen

While looking through Brussels Style one night last week, lo and behold I noticed it was from Taschen Publishers. I should not be surprised. The end papers have an ICON logo and a note to buy the series, but of course. This is the only one of the series that we own. I have never felt compelled to collect the rest of the series and the others that I have looked at do not interest me. However, I am interested in researching some of the photographers and people in Brussels Style.

The chairs are my favorite.

Buenos Aires looked interesting so here is a peek.

"Eclectic apartment of artist Gustavo Godoy, decorated floor to ceiling with colorful antiques and religious paraphernalia."

Curtains with a lining that shows when they are pulled to the side have a certain richness about then and the stripes on these do not disappoint.

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