Monday, September 7, 2009

Fall Outfits

The ad for Jones New York was one of the few pages that I liked of clothing in the September issue of Vogue. Even if the clothes are over the top and are for inspiration, nothing spoke to me like these outfits did. But then these are the colors that I look best in and fall is one of my favorite times of year. The outfits on the JNY site are not as dynamic looking as they are showcasing the items. The accessories in this picture really help the looks, sadly they are not offered by JNY.

This sweater jacket comes in rust, but the charcoal would be of more use in my wardrobe. Charcoal is a softer version of black.

Unlimited possibilities with this outfit. The shorter boots keep the outfit in the ad from being too much cover up. Some color and boldness in the accessories could be the clue.

The orange belt and scarf add punch to the outfit in the ad as well as the surprise of the yellow sweater and gloves.

Another piece that is not in the ad, but that I like. It is nice having some print with all the solids.

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