Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rural Studio

This is one of the new favorite, one of the $20,000 houses which is done in the style of the shotgun houses.

This is one of my all time favorite buildings constructed by RualStudio. The glass is car windshields from a junk yard in Chicago.

interior of above

You have to love the old road signs used in the ceiling.

Exterior of the above.

One of the $20,000 houses

Program Statement: The Rural Studio is an undergraduate program of the School of Architecture at Auburn University. We have been in Hale County for 17 years. We are committed to the people and the place and we take long–term responsibility for the work we do, both good and bad.

Every project you see on this website was designed and built by students 18-24 years old and was paid for by donations and grants from someone like you.

We hope the Rural Studio offers a positive critique of how we teach, procure, and make architecture.

More information can be found RuralStudio.

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