Saturday, May 8, 2010

Odds 'N Ends

This is going to be the name of my weekend post on Saturday. These are tear sheets from magazines that have been converted to electronic files, posted and the tear sheets tossed. Hopefully there will be some editing in the process so only "blog worthy" will find there way here. Old and no longer inspiring images will just be tossed.

The above is from New York magazine. I must have subscribed to New York for 22 years or more. They changed the format just once to often and the articles were no longer enjoyable. There has been a wealth of magazines that we have subscribed to over the years. They all start to look alike after a while and the images no longer inspire. Is this an age things that I have seen it all?

Back to the above image; unusual flowers in soft colors wrapped in tissue.

 great color combinations
nice used of canning and floral for a colorful summer spread