Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day Trip to LaGrange, Georgia

obsessed with maples (but they all are different)

doesn't look like you have been open in years so I doubt we come again

We will be going back to Solomons at 108-114 Bull Street in LaGrange. We both found real Levis and each purchased two pairs. We have been unable to find them in Atlanta. I went so far as to order from Levis on the web last year and got pants made in Vietnam that is fake denim. They are the worst, but the hole in my others were too bad to wear in public. I wore a new pair of pants out of the store and feel like a new person, a much happier person now that I have real Levis that fit. We were assured that a lot more coats and long sleeved shirts will be there in the fall. 706-884-5951

We stopped by Sprayberry's Barbecue Location #2 in Newnan, Georgia on the way home for lunch. We were both disappointed in the barbecue chicken and pork; they were not as we remembered them. The french fries were great, the brunswick stew not so good, the salad the worst. The blackberry cobbler was the best I have ever eaten. We brought some home. Art had a fried peach pie for desert. The crust was a little thick, but good. We will each be having a fried pie for dinner tonight with a glass of milk and maybe a little bite of cobbler. Next time we will go to the original location; our neighbors said there is all the difference in the world in them.

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