Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pennslyvania Fire Bag

This fire bag of homespun fabric measures 18 1/2" by 80".

This is a stout linen with an embroidered monogram. These fire bags were commonly hung on the back of bedroom doors. In the event of fire one would stuff them full of clothes and toss them out the window. In the Period, clothes were very expensive, perhaps the most valuable things you owned. I've read several inventories of very wealthy 18th c. noteables and 5 shirts to thier name was considered a large wardrobe. The bags monogram was how you identified your bag from your neighbors after an urban neighborhood fire...sometimes we find these bags numbered as well.

blue initials

great repairs

the tie appears to be twisted string

This item for sale here.

Copy by Steven Lalioff on fire bags.

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