Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tear Sheets

I am in the process of cleaning out all my tear sheets that have not made it into my scrapbooks. The scrapbooks take so much time as all the photos in a spread have to be coordinated. Since this blog is to be my digital scrapbook then this is where these pages will be with the originals trashed. Not all images are making it into the digital format.

The question becomes have I just replaced paper tear sheets with even more digital tear sheets? Am I editing my choices as much as I would in a paper scrapbook? I still like to have a thread of unity in my post some weeks.

does this room still look like this?

am I still drawn to this?

 in these photos it is all about the Santos

it was then and is still

work space in a garden shed

MS has the best stylist

this photos is still of interest to me

galvanized buckets are still a favorite

Top five images from Country Home November 2006, garden inspiration wall from Martha Stewart.

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