Monday, July 11, 2011

Made in Mississippi: Choctaw Jacket

Mississippi Choctaw Man's Jacket c. 1900

Neshoba County

Cotton cloth, buttons, sewn, appliquéd

I would wear this coat. It is definitely subdued for a contemporary Indian coat. The print of the fabric is nice and the appliqué on the edges is just enough detail. It would work well with tight black pants, my yellow suede flats, a black belt at the waist and I guess a black sweater. This is the expected so maybe a bright blue skirt would kick it all up a notch.

For some time now I have thought about showing Mississippi items, people and places so I guess this is the start of Made in Mississippi Monday. It will show up when there a person, place or thing of interest. It has been decade since I lived in Mississippi so my knowledge of the state is not current. But life is about discovery so this will be interesting.

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