Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hearts n Hands Shop at Etsy

"Zinnia Unfolding"

Anne at Heats n Hands has added these mandalas to her shop at Etsy. These qualify as cut and sew.

The mandala is an ancient design form. Originally the Sanskrit word for “circle,” a mandala displays symmetry radiating from a single point. It can be a beautiful decoration, a point of focus, a resting place, or a prayer for healing – I created this piece with all these purposes in mind. I hope it will speak to you and your intentions.

All the colors in this mandala design were acheived with natural dyes, making it truly unique. The dyestuffs used were sumac leaves, black walnut hulls, yellow onion skins, brazilwood sawdust, celendine poppy leaves, goldenrod flowers, and cochineal bugs. Most of these materials were field-collected by me.

"Life Unfolding"

 Dyed wool cloth and yarn with goldenrod flowers, yellow onion skins, osage orange sawdust, logwood sawdust, cochineal bugs, bloodroot, walnut hulls, and sumac leaves. Most of these materials were field-collected by me.

"Summer Day"

All the sewing was done with cotton thread and all the elements were "fussy cut" and appliqued to the blue backgroud. These are the vibrant colors of a Tennessee summer day, and could even be a carefully designed garden, with little beds of flowers and herbs.

Copy and photos from Hearts n Hands at Etsy.

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