Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Items for the Tomboy Look

Killer Short Jacket

great label

perfect color

a style I do not have

Robert Geller Charm Bracelet

you need a little contrast of the feminine

not too precious a piece

heavy, rough links, old coins

every tomboy needs a knife

I have multiples

most are from my grandfathers

my younger brother has been carrying one in his pockets since he was eight

that was a shock for my Mother to find out on Mother's Day

he is not suppose to carry one to work, but old habit are hard to break

more knives

a denim shirt

have been through at least a dozen of these

am in search of a new one presently

a half tuck

great belt

worn leather bag

cowboy boots are always a must, no matter your style

any of these items work

not to be all worn at once

Short jacket from All Saints, Charm bracelet from Auctions, knives from That Kind of Woman, additional knives and denim shirt from Convoy, next two images Brown Dress with White Dots, next two from A Noble Savage,

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