Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gees Bend, Alabama ca. 1937-1939

FSA: ARTHUR ROTHSTEIN – Gees Bend, Alabama, April, 1937

Drawing water from well. Gees Bend, Alabama. April, 1937 Gee’s Bend, also known as Boykin, is a very poor tenant community in Alabama, United States of America lying at the edge of the Black Belt in Wilcox County, about thirty miles southwest of Selma. The name comes from a planter named Joseph Gee, the first white man to settle in Gee’s Bend.

FSA COLLECTION: Marion Post Wolcott – “Gees Bend, Alabama” (1939)

Old man Moseley, now blind, Gees Bend, Alabama. 1939 Nolan Pettway’s children bringing home wagonload of fertilizer, Gees Bend, Alabama. Gertrude, churning on Isaiah Pettway’s porch,Gees Bend, Alabama. 1939 Jorena Pettway with some of theGees Bend livestock, Alabama.

FSA COLLECTION: Marion Post Wolcott – “Aunt Nellie Pettway” (1939)

Aunt Nellie Pettway, carrying wood from yard for fireplace. Gees Bend, Alabama.

Images from These Americans.

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