Monday, September 6, 2010

Sibella Court for Anthropologie at Home

In looking at the Anthropologie catalog I noticed the home section had the look of styling by Sibella Court. She does sell her book etc. through them so it would be natural to copy her look. In looking at the Anthropologie web site she did do the styling for the home section.

The wall to the left is my favorite with the stencils, the tearsheet, the numbers and the mirror. Of course, she is using all their products that are a riot of color, but there are still new and old trends that can be spotted by studying the photos.

 suspended bird in flight

stacks of hats

pictures taped to the walls

strips of wallpaper hanging

alarm clocks

spools of vintage ribbon

(the frames look to be made from cardboard)

multiple small lamps

etc. on the chair

books, books, and more books

beautiful lighting

 playing card propped in a corner

small pots of sedums




Emily said...

Just letting you know that I have featured one of these fabulous images here (linking back to your post):


Jilly said...

Beautiful lighting on bed. First time I seen multiple small lamps at your home. I also planning to buy multiple small lamps for my home.
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