Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Paper Furniture

If objects can be made for the wall from paper why not furniture?

cardboard pieces from a group curated by Sibella Court

Images from Anthropologie.


ben said...

I love your cardboard. Good job. I am so curious to make it in real . Thanks to sharing such addictive cardboard.
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rodricks said...

These all cardboard pictures which you can share over here is really very great. These all clip board are really very addictive.
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Alaysha said...

It is very nice picture of paper furniture. I like this cardboard furniture you share here with images which is very beautiful and creative.
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Lisa said...

I like the collection of this paper furniture. This kind of stuff called beautiful art. I always like to read this kind of stuff to get new idea. It is really very creative as you mentioned with image which is very nice.
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Ketherine said...

Wow, I really appreciated you to made such a creative art. Paper furniture is very innovative as you described here. This kind of beautiful art inspire us. Thank you for sharing.
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Alaina said...

Here You made unique objects with the help of paper. In this article one thing I like the most and that is the cardboard pieces which was you made by paper. It is very creative idea to made paper furniture. Nice thing!
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Alicia said...

I really like this kind of stuff which is very unique and innovative. These all the pictures of paper furniture that you shared here It is Interesting to know it. I think that paper furniture is just only for decorative piece to decorate the house.
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Laura said...

I can not imagine this kind of art. It look so real and beautiful. I think that you done great effort to create this kind of innovative things to look very real and attractive. I can not believe that It is just for decorate the house.

Lucy said...

I think that You ask very good question and express you ability about art through this article. It is very Interesting to know about paper furniture . I really like to watched the paper made furniture.
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Bchrisopher said...

You are absolutely right that Objects can be made for the wall from paper why not furniture. It means that you have good potential to create a beautiful art. Such a very creative art!
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Jilly said...

It is very hard to believe that it is work of paper. Such a awesome and good work you done. Share more work of paper.
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