Monday, September 13, 2010

Barbara Pershyn-Davis

I have long collected images of Barbara Davis' home and work. It took me year to discover she was the one that was on the cover of Catskills Country and in my scrapbook. It was only upon sourcing the image of a mirror for my blue post that I found the link on Remodelista and Barbara's own web site. Happy day and happy dance!!!

layers upon layers and oh what textures

same room rearranged

you wonder which is the current version or if it is a totally different reincarnation

same room with different lightening and linens

(and probably a different photographer)

I want to dig through her chest to look at and touch all this fabric

this is the cluttered look of the room that was on the cover of Catskills Country

love the lucite shelf and the layers of paper attached to the wall

detail of kitchen chair seat covered with fabric

this is certainly a different twist of a cushion on a seat

cabinets painted with automobile paint

Images from Remodelista and Barbara Davis.

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