Monday, February 1, 2010

Type in Every Room

My favorite room has to be first in the series, the one with the bookshelves and the desk. I remember seeing these photos in a shelter magazine and being immediately drawn to all the rooms. The bookcases are a combination of books, binders with type, leather suitcases and objects.

A cabinet with many drawers for storing treasures and a grain bag cover chair.

Type on the baskets and the bedside table.

Images from Helen Norman.


Aladdin's Cave keepster said...

I'm not very keen on open cluttered look for me, I love open spaces...but the pictures are lovey aswell as your blog!!

Mississippi Made said...

Bookcases are always something that I study when ever I see them. We are now using some black binders to keep some of our books in so the look is not as cluttered. Luckily we have some sets of books that give us a shelf of one color. Leaving some breathing room on the shelf helps dispel the cluttered look.