Thursday, February 18, 2010


This home is paired down to the basics. Some of the furniture was not to my liking so I could not bear to post it. I do like the soap in the bathroom and the items on the table. The sculpture in the first photo looks fun.

Above four photos from The Selby.

Above two images of a monastery in the Check Republic

above five spaces designed by British Architect John Pawson

These pared down spaces are the opposite of those of Roman and Williams and the Obsolete shop with the abundance of objects. Ash Wednesday makes one think about the need to live with less and the reason for the season. Finding a balance will always be a struggle for me, but better to see things in others spaces that to have to deal with all that in mine.


Three Owls said...

Love the tranquility of these spaces...of course I live with two small children....maybe as a retirement

Mississippi Made said...

They are tranquil. The monastery is my favorite.