Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Postal Bag Clothing and Bags from German Grain Bags

Dutch postal bags as clothing by Jan Taminiau as seen on Designers Block.

Above photo from Studio Hergebruik Rotterdam.

Above two images from the web site of Jan Taminiau

All these bags give me a case of the I wants. So I guess I should get to sewing. My favorite grain bag will never be cut though, but we may have some old flour sack that are heavy duty enough to work.

The repairs are always one of my favorite things on vintage fabrics.

The bags are lined with mattress tick.

Made from German Grain Bags from Tamara Loves Leather via Jamaica Byles.

Japaneses bag from blog of Tamara Fogle London the maker of the bags above.


filipe said...

Good girl!

Aladdin's Cave keepster said...

Love the bags, but the clothes are a no go!

Mississippi Made said...

The jacket in the top photo is the only piece that I like.

Mississippi Made said...

Of the clothes the jacket is the only piece that I like. The bags are all wonderful and give me the I wants.