Sunday, December 20, 2009


above two images from Cote Bastide

 How fun everything looks with the same packaging!

A wonderful little wreath that would be a graceful addition to any of the packages above.

both images from  Ludwig Interior Design

Double ribbons are always a nice look, this look would be a great addition to the Metalic Christmas post

A limited color pallet is always a must.

The silver bells and berries are nice embellishments on the black and white print papers. The white package appears to have the excess paper folded on top. I am not that neat of a wrapper to have all the excess work out that well

Natural colored boxes with string, twigs always a favorite

 Nice simple look with a Christmas post card and glass garland.

Above five images from Homelife

What a delight to find an article from the old Victoria scanned on Sarah Klassen / Haute Design. Folding paper on a package has always been a favorite and with a touch of costume jewelry who could go wrong?

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