Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Scrapbook

I like the pages in my scrapbook to have themes. It takes much longer to paste images in this way, but it makes the individual pages more interesting to me and has subjects together.

The doorway above is into a home in Charleston, SC. The people were taxed at one time by the amount of frontage on the street so the houses were turned on their sides with the doors facing the street and a courtyard on the side of the house.

Floral theme


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Aladdin's Cave keepster said...

Very lovely are these little gems aren't they...I have a few aswell and often 'read'them like books...and daydream, .... again! I once even pasted all my clippings to a long piece of wallpaper and pinnend that on a a wooden frame and hung it as art on my study room....I also cut images out, paste them on a tag and use as a present label, or paste them to envelopes...people always say they love that!