Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dusty Rose

Dusty rose once was my favorite color. I always like seeing stack of fabric, tied with ribbon with some pictures and a tag tucked in for good measure,

nice soft colors

above two images the work of stylist Tony Hutchinson at Refresh-Agency

The dust rose images sent me to Jane Peters work for Bloom magazine. It is time to think of Christmas and not spring.

Above six images from stylist Sibella Court's The Society Inc. paint theme Paper Whites.

This photo makes me realize that my dusty rose bedroom was too much rose. It needed a strong dose of white and possibly silver.

I love the rich green background, it makes the rose glasses so much more beautiful. Once again I had rose wine glasses until they broke one by one. They were fun while they lasted.

Above four images from Gemma Comas

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