Tuesday, October 20, 2009

tinekhome Fall and Winter 2009 Catalog

This tree branch is found in many of the photo shoots of tinekhome. It must be native to the area, what nice texture and the balls are fun. The colors in the photo on the left are beautiful; the white, charcoal, shades of gray and the touch of plum.

one shot is a close up and the other far away

Nice contrast of the rough texture of the baskets and the gold of the cup and saucer. The color of the baskets becomes the background of the adjacent photo. Also, the product is obscured with the branch and left which is a nice touch.

Would the black, charcoal, gray, white and straw colors on the right work as an outfit? They just about with me now as I have not put away my straw bag for summer.

Although I like these two photo, they do not work well together, same perspective with lots of objects. It is surprising as tinekhome does such a wonderful job on their visuals. How I wish one page was a color.

 It's not to early to start thinking about Christmas, the gold and white are a nice color scheme.


the image on the right could be a fall harvest scene minus the Christmas tree


Geisslein said...

I LOVE TineK Home! Great style, isn´t it?!
Hope you will have a great day today!

Mississippi Made said...

The photography and styling are so beautiful and inspiring.