Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sibelle Court

The new Inside/Out is now on line with an article on my favorite stylist Sibelle Court. She talks about her grandmother being a hoarder and how it was said with disdain. Is there a difference in hoarding and collecting? There is always a struggle within me for "collecting" and the clean lines of the 18 Karat look. Of course, they are a catalog and showcasing their wares, but the look is so nice. So finding the balance is an ongoing struggle...

But until then I will continue to enjoy the visual treats of layers of objects, textures, colors...

Close ups of the above image.

Her new book will be debuting at the end of this week so there are book signings at Murbond and her store The Society, Inc. The book can be purchased through Murdoch Books, the publisher. It is not available yet on Amazon.

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