Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lonny: A New Online Magaizne

Lonny magazine debuted October 1 and is the brain child of Rubby Green Designer, Michelle Adams, and photographer Patrick Cline. It is an on line answer for all the shelter magazines that have folded.

eco-fashion Doucette Duvall

images from the home of Kate Simpson, former Senior Market Editor at domino magazine

More stripes... the combination of the different size stripes for the bedding is nice with all the white and gray. The navigation bar was not cropped out as I hated to lose any of the image.

shelves are the true subject of this post

Eddie Ross' pantry

more Eddie Ross shelves

This is one of my favorite photos in the magazine. It is full of way more color than I am use to, but it all works so well together maybe because of the different textures, two different blue stripes, the contrast of the blue and orange... Who knows or care, I like studying this image.

above two images are from the home of textile designer Carolina Irving

bookshelves in the home of Laurent Girard and Leonora Mahle

mudroom and plants in the home of former domino Editor in Chief, Deborah Needleman

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