Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Scrapbooks are fun, but scrapbooks of fabric and painted samples are the top of the list. I have been known to buy a foreign magazine for the photos of fabric scrapbooks. I wonder what is is about these little scraps of fabric attached in an album that has such an attraction for me?
A book of gouache designs and off-strikes dating from the 1860s, approx 35 pages covered on both sides, the majority of the book with Paisley style patterns, a smaller later section of Edwardian florals

A book of printed chemise and dress fabrics, circa 1860, approx. 230 pages covered with mainly roller-printed cottons and some gauzes, mainly small repeats and florals, many in shade of brown and purple by Steinbach Koechlin, Gros Odier, Tolu & Bertrand, and others

A good book of printed wools, dated 1871-79, approx. 112 pages covered with Japanese inspired prints, Paisleys and rich florals
These are some wild images in these books and to think that they are wools is amazing.

Book of printed cottons, 1863-68, approx. 29 pages of Indiennes, florals, geometrics, mainly in rich purples, browns by makers including Koechlin Freres, Daniel Eck, Frank & Boeringer and others, 53 by 35cm

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