Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bella Note Bedding

After the post on bedrooms by Villa-Medicis the theme is continued with bed linens by Bella Note via designers block.

The dogs would like this. I can just imagine them walking over the bed to get to the other side and deciding to take a nap instead. Tootie, our rat terrier, would like the close proximity to the floor as she is now not able to get on the bed now unaided. The dark color of the bedding would not work for us as it would show all the white dog hair.

The pages from an old scrapbook make for an interesting visual.

Nice color combinations and textures; metal of the bed, lantern, and pine cones. This is not as much a formal set up as the others I guess as the bed is movable, but it is the one that is of the most interest to me.

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