Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pachanga by Belen Mena

Pachanga appears to be a book of designs based on the patterns of butterflies. My first introduction was from an Italian version of Elle Decor. So in researching the designers, Belen Mena, I found her site with the samples. The book is available from Amazon starting at $118.00 which is too steep for me. All these sample satisfy my desire. The spread in Elle Decor is my favorite so it needs to be included here. Later...

Images from the web site of the designer Belen Mena.

1 comment:

Agui said...

Wonderful designs by a very talented artist.
Her "pachanga" collection is colorful, vibrant and modern. Very suitable to today's decoration.

Her posters and product line is very desirable.
I intend to buy one of her posters.