Monday, March 7, 2011

Scrapbook Pages

This page is what started me on my new scrapbook, pages of one color. I have long collected items and postcards that will never be sent out into the world, they are to keep. So most of these pieces have now found their way into this scrapbook. It was also influenced by the pages in Sibella Court's book with the layers of background papers, tapes, staples, side 'b' of stamps, etc. ...

these are random images from Sibella's book that shows the layers of the background

my newest scrapbook

a work in progress

top left is fabric from old dining room chairs

top left fabric from a dress of mine in elementary school

my Mother had saved the left over fabric so when we cleaned out her house when she moved I HAD to be the keeper of the fabric

I. E. UNDERWOOD ledger page is from my great grandfather's store in Terry, Miss.

upper left is tree bark from down the street

purse in lower right is covered in wide stripes of grosgrain ribbon

Mother Teresa stamp inside envelope

right pages is from a Christmas present A did for me

top image from Amassblog


Anonymous said...

Your pages are wonderful. I do like the potato rock at the corner holding the pages!

Mississippi Made said...

the rock goes with an Indian grinding stone