Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Shaker Hooded Red Cape

"Put your hands to work and your hearts to God." Mother Ann

The economy of line, graceful proportions, and emphasis on quality construction characteristic of Shaker craft are as evident in the cloak as in Shaker furniture. The soul soothing appeal is timeless.

There are two pieces: a long unlined cape with a stand up collar and wide cape collar; and a separate hood with lappets and cape collar. The cape closes at the neckline with a hook; the hood, partially lined with red silk, closes with silk ribbon ties.

Handwritten in ink on a tape sewn into the hood is the name of the Shaker sister who owned the cape. It retains many features of an 18th century European cape. Made from heavy silk faille dyed a heavenly cranberry red color and completely hand sewn, the cape has the narrow (1/4") selvedge edge seams of 18th century construction.

Copy and Images from Vintage Textile.

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