Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Pass

Could not pass up the opportunity to put this in my scrapbook as an idea for nest year. I can use the dove garland and add some ornaments and treasures. What is so appealing...

the little sweaters and mittens

gold added to the red and green

tiny ornaments
(so it must be the scale of the items)

I might as well add these delightful images from Blomsterverkstad's online Advent Calendar magazine. There is one inspirational idea after another. So now you can take a deep breath and get your ideas together for next year.

how to on drying oranges

wreath with lots of different greenery

red onions?

more packaging ideas

This image on Chez Fifi lead me to the Holiday with Matthew Mead below.

all these different kinds of papers

little beads

 Top image from The Style Files via Dottie Angel. Paper tree from Chex Fifi. Bottom three images from Matthew Mead.

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