Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ralph Lauren Hang Tags

The tags were seen on the blog, The New Victorian Rualist by James Snowden of Finders Keepers Market. So I followed his source, Shane Crawford, and found more tags and had to post all of them. Ralph Lauren does it right. These tags are like little pieces of art. There is even a beach passes that has been turned into a tag. Enjoy!

double knots in the string

unusual die cuts at the top of the tag

double holes

multiple tags

wire attached to string

different strings

the size of the grommet

the top stitching in red

the rope 

the shapes

the color combinations

I saved my hang tags when I first was out of college, but cleaned them out in one of my sweeps. Now I can just view other peoples' collections. But there is nothing like the touch of the real thing...

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