Saturday, October 23, 2010

Color Inspiration

This skirt from Anthropologie is now mine, but what color top. Black and gray are given and the right little gold sweater would work, but those are such obvious solutions. Every time we go to Goodwill I look, but no wow solution yet. So in looking through my scrapbooks one day...

white dots on gray wool

frosted rust rectangular button

the brick red is the solution to the gold and gray combination

I already have a brick red cardigan that is the answer with either a black or gray little sweater under it!

another scrapbook page

Moral to the Story: One or two good pieces for the season and the rest from Goodwill. I tend to wear my clothes until they are threadbare or my size changes. There is a great Goodwill on Roswell Road in Atlanta. 


Three Owls said...

wedgewood blue.

Mississippi Made said...

Thanks for the suggestion, the only blue I wear now are my jeans and one blouse from my Mother's closet. But I will be one the lookout for that perfect shade of blue. Nothing like shaking up you wardrobe colors ever now and then.