Friday, August 27, 2010

Saint Verde

Ending a week with images from bloom that started with bloom. Saint Verde first came on my radar when doing a design job and the client gave me three of her issues of bloom for reference, what a revolation. Neville Trickett and the Saint Verde store stood out in the issues. There was a short bit about him in the bloom book, that I was able to afford, the magazine not. It took me a while after discovering Saint Verde Digest to realize that this was Neville's blog, what an amazing, creative man.

this makes me want to pull out all my little vases and bottles for the kitchen window sill

interesting picture frame

like the combination of different leaves in these botanical pressings

what could be better than layers of linens on a long table

looks like the bug images from the post on Wednesday

seed pods are always a favorite of mine

scientific vessels are always a favorite

what a peaceful looking place

Neville now has a blog called Saint Verde Chronicles. Some pictures from his recent posts are below, more of the theme posted here this week: green, leaves and bugs.

The foliage is from Neville's back yard. What an amazing photographer he is, makes we want to go out and start shooting things in our yard.

Neville's older blog is Saint Verde Digest.

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