Wednesday, August 11, 2010

18th Century Housewife

my stitching

all homespun fabrics on the inside

bottom is pin cushion stuffed with feathers from a feather tick

blue and brown coverlet is a pocket

the blue checks has the threads still attached from the warp

the green is an old wool blanket dyed with osage orange sawdust and over dyed with logwood by Anne at Hearts and Hands

the binding is strips of red wool (new) as is the tape for closing

this has been one of my sewing projects this past month


Le Loup said...

Were there a variety of housewife patterns? Was the making/design a personal thing?

Mississippi Made said...

Some were much longer. The design changed by the time of the Civil War. The size of this one was determined by the green fabric. Also, I wanted all the interior fabric to be homespun pieces.

4heartsnhands said...

Ah, that delicious green! Happy to see it in use, and glad you have done some sewing. What else have you made for CLA?