Saturday, July 17, 2010

Odds 'N Ends


Saturday 17th July 2010
8 til 12

A love of early morning jambon baguettes & cafe au lait whilst scouring & scrambling the trestle tables & back of vans at Porte de vanve has inspired me to hold my own:

The Society inc will be hosting a mini fleamarket!

Its a time to bargain and barter: find some treasures & pre-loved goods, textiles, porcelain, lamp shades, ephemera, tableware, stylist-wares, cutlery, small furniture pieces & other flotsam and jetsam will be displayed on the grassy strip outside on the corner of Alexander & Stewart Street

weather permitting

pls text 0438229923 if dark clouds are visible

if you are in Australia stop by and shop and let me know what you bought

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